Located in Western Europe, the Kingdom of Gaston occupies a part of the Iberian Peninsula and beyond, an archipelago (Santa Cruz Island, Gooseberry Island, Solar Island and Horizon Island, in the Atlantic Ocean). In land area, it is the twenty-fourth European country. The physical boundaries of the of Gaston are: Spain, Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean at east. The north, south, and west, is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Kingdom of Gaston in Europe (in red)


Administrative Divisions

Currently Gastón is divided into four levels of administrative subdivisions: counties and islands, regions,  viscountcies and municipalities. Counties: Regions (north, south, east, west) – Districts – Municipalities. Archipelago: Regions (north, south, east, west) – Districts – Municipalities.

First Level – Counties and Archipelago

Second level –  Viscountcies

NICETO: 01. Sines 02. Nothing Hill 03. Vinhais 04. Porto Alegre 05. Malateca 06. Atlantis

ANTIQUA: 07. Lagos 08. Aquae 09. Barcelos 10. Fundão 11. Benfica 13. Surrey

PAMPULHA: 14. Piedade 15. Valência 16. Golden Gate 17. Trancoso 18. São Judas

SOLANO: 19. Leon 20. Nevada 21. Marilia 22. Ceuta 23. Homer

FLORIAN: 24. Thaoana 25. Fenix 26. Greenville 27. Mancha  30. Beverly Hills

LISARDO: 28. Eureca 29. Guarda 31. Toledo 34. Vouga

SANTA INÊS: 32. Fátima 33. São José  35. Lobos

NEKANE: 36. Beira Alta 37. Quarteira 38. Granada 39. Aranis

VENTURA: 12. Ventura

Overseas territories

Called overseas territory or overseas gastonese the Administrative Divisions of the Kingdom outside Europe, which are administered by Gaston which is responsible for its protection, external relations and business affairs.

The Kingdom of Gaston monarch is King or Queen of these territories. Each territory has a governor chosen by Gaston monarch, usually a retired official or a senior official, who works as a representative of the “Government of His Majesty.” The governors are in charge of security in the territory and representation between the territory and the gastonese government; also act to enforce the laws. Depending on the level of power, often more symbolic or have more relevance. All governors usually procede from the Kingdom of Gaston.

 This time overseas territories gastoneses are spread across Africa, Asia and Europe.

African GastonMafia Island
Asiatic GastonRamree island
European GastonVentura Archipelago
Oceanic Gaston Fiji Islands
North American GastonCozumel Island
South American Gaston Palmas Island
Antarctic Gaston Bouvet Island
Artic Gaston Ellesmere Island