The Kingdom of Gaston is a micronation. It was established in 2005 as part of the novel of the author Irina Sopas and activated in June 2012 as micronation. It has active citizens who communicate by Skype, Facebook Chat and Facebook group. These citizens work to keep alive Gaston helping in the creation of laws and projects.

Since its formation, the micronation seeks his place in the world fulfilling all the requirements for recognition of a State established in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, held in 1933 in Montevideo. The Kingdom has:

a) Empire Power with a legally independent and sovereign state with form and system of government – Parliamentary Monarchy;
b) A determined and limited territory (a total area of 83,582 square kilometers in the Iberian Peninsula and out of it, in the Atlantic Ocean, Ventura archipelago with a total area of 4720 square kilometers, consisting of four islands – Santa Cruz Island, Groselha, Solar Island and Horizonte Island);
c) A permanent population, 11,554,298 inhabitants – 2014 census – made up of people from around the world governed by the 1927 Gaston Constitution and the other laws of the country;
d) Capacity to enter into relations with other States (Real Cabinet, responsible for diplomatic relations of the country).

The purpose of Gaston and base of its existence, is to facilitate the evolution of a society. The state protects its inhabitants, and its territory, and respects international relations with other countries, fulfilling its international obligations, governed by the principles of:

I National independence and cooperation between peoples;
II Prevalence of human rights;
III Defense of peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts;
IV Equality among nations;
V Repudiation of terrorism and racism.

As micronation, at the international level, the Kingdom of Gaston demands the establishment of diplomatic relations with other micronations, as well as participation in international organizations, so that in this way can be recognized in micronational world, aiming future:

I – The government immunity from jurisdiction before other states;
II Persons entitled to be a party to foreign court; and
III Admission by the State that recognizes him, as well as validity of the government acts.