Official Diary – Institutional

The Official Diary of the Kingdom of Gaston is the vehicle of official communication by which the Government must make public any matter about the Kingdom, be it the signing of a Treaty or a change in the law. The DORG as it is known, is linked to the Royal Office and to the three powers: Executive, Judiciary and Legislative. It consists in four notebooks:

1. Executive – Notebook published under the responsibility of the Government’s Social Communication Secretariat, for the publication from laws and decrees of the Government of Gaston, about the various acts of direct and indirect administration of the Executive Branch, and also for the Courts of Account of the Kingdom, from the Counties, Archipelago and Districts.

2. Judiciary – Report for the publication of the various acts and edicts of the Attorney General’s Office and the Judiciary Branch from the Kingdom of Gaston.

3. Legislative – Notebook published under the responsibility of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Gaston, intended for the publication of news, plenary sessions, bills and administrative acts of the Legislative Branch.

4. Royal Cabinet –  Report reserved for the publication of decrees and official acts of the Royal Cabinet.