County of Santa Inês

SantaInes Cabeçalho

General Data 2018

Santa Inês9 458 km²969 8851,6%38º33'N 11º38'OHafez Issa Abbas Al-Feres

Santa Ines (Saint Agnes) is a county located in the south of Gaston, whose capital is the gastonese city of Santa Ines in honor of the patron of the Kingdomy. Is subdivided into 3 districts and 11 municipalities. It borders three counties: Florián in north, Nekane in the south and in the east Lisardo. To the west is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.
With altitude climate full of hills, Santa Ines, has constant cold during all the year specially in high altitudes, mountains, with annual average of 0° C and below zero, and frequent presence of snow at higher elevations.

The region lives basically from agriculture and livestock; is a large producer of coffee, sugar, ethanol, orange juice, beef and soy complex (grain, meal and oil). Thanks to agriculture products from St. Ines, Gaston become one of the leading countries in export, also standing out as an exporter of whisky and ginseng.

The St. Anthony’s Basilica and the Cathedral of Faith are the two most important sights of the region, but there is no doubt that the main tourist attraction of St. Ines is the Holy Week, in which 60 brotherhoods parade through the streets, leaving the various temples, with a mandatory official route for all, starting in Assis Square and ending when leaving the Cathedral, where is performed the penitance station. A third of the population participates in the confraternities as brothers of light, or members of a band.

Also detachable is the “March Market” a folk festival that gathers every year thousands of people from all over Gaston (and not only) in the enclosure. They are the typical tents (stalls shaped tents) where people gather to sing and dance regional music.