County of Nekane

General Data 2018

Nekane9 216 km²2 310 12513,9%37º39'N 10º21'OCharles Figueiredo

Nekane is the capital and largest city of Gaston. In addition to the capital, it is also the capital of Nekane County and the metropolitan area of ​​Nekane. It is divided into 4 districts and 13 municipalities. It is bordered on the north by the counties of Santa Ines and Lisardo; the south, east and west is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.
Its inner part is essentially covered by a forest composed of oaks, chestnut trees and olive trees. It is the oldest area of ​​the county. Its dominated by the silence, small houses and stone walkways. There are also flocks, often sighted through the woods.

With typical oceanic climate, it has winters characterized by mild temperatures due to hot sea currents, since the summers are hot and dry due to the high barometric pressure centers. In coastal areas the summers are cooler due to cold ocean currents.

Everything in Nekane town is exaggerated and numerous. The tall, modern and glazed buildings  follow the international style. There are endless amounts of cars and people; number that increases significantly in the summer. The excitement, the noise. The faces: for so the consumed as the euphoric and esfuziantes. The streets are wide; the sidewalks are always formed by cafes, restaurants and shops. All this describes Nekane.

Living primarily from tourism, has often exhibitions, dance shows, musical performances and sporting events. During the summer, tourists and locals enjoy what the nekanes coast has to offer: a beach with white sand; water, clean and clear. The coastline is perfect for everyone: for the sun lover, for the sailor, for water skiing practitioner and for the diver.