Foreign Policy

The Gaston external administration and foreign policy are the set of political goals that the Kingdom aims to achieve in its relations with other micronations. The process is performed by the Royal Cabinet and is usually planned in order to seek to protect the country’s national interests, especially its national security, economic prosperity and values.


Agreements & Declarations

Citizen Agreement – Kingdom of Gaston and Kingdom of Santa Cruz PT

Citizen Agreement – Semitic Kingdom of Escorvania PT

Declaration of Territory Transfer  from the Kingdom of Escorvania to the Kingdom of Gaston PT



Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelands PT

Kingdom of Santa Cruz PT

Kingdom of Eslavia PT



Bolivarian State of Venezolivia PT

Aristocratic Principality of Terranova PT

State of Louwrensia PT

Sovereign State of Moriel ES

Social State of El Dorado ES

Imperio de Hispania ES

Karnia-Ruthenia EN

Kingdom of Barin PT

Kingdom of Meridionalia PT
(Micronation extinguished)

Kingdom of Asturias ES

Kingdom of Castillastán PT

Kingdom of Santa Cruz PT

Semitic Kingdom of Escorvania PT

United Republics of Portugal and Algarves PT

Holy Kingdom of Piratini PT

Union of States of Platina PT




Alegrete, Piratiní

Bacatá, El Dorado

Barkai, Moriel

Belen, Escorvânia

Boa Esperança, Louwrensia

Cangas de Onís, Asturias

Caracas, Venezolívia

Córdoba, Platina

Fazzapur, Barin

 San Juan Bautista de México, Hispania

Ushuaia, Meridionalia
(Micronation extinguished)



The Kingdom of Gaston is officially recognized by the following micronational organizations:

Organización de Micronaciones Unidas (OMU)

The Micronational Cartography Society (MCS)

The Union Against Micronation War (UAMW)

União das Nações Micronacionais (UNAM)