Fiji Islands

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General Data 2018

Suva18 274 km² 905 3545,5%Pacífico / PacificFranco Mendes

The sea is the main protagonist of the archipelago of Fiji, bathed in the South Pacific, in the backyard of Australia and New Zealand, a perfect place for a trip for two. Sunbathing and deserted beaches surrounded by a coral “garden” and turquoise sea complete the romantic setting.

The wonderful climate, the beaches and the breathtaking landscape invite you to visit this magnificent archipelago, with a rock formation and reefs. The tranquility, the beaches with its transparent waters and the magnificent natural treasures are wonderful, beautiful, charming.

The Fiji archipelago is located in the South Pacific, about three thousand kilometers east of Australia and 1930 kilometers south of the Equator. Located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is the first country in the world where a new day begins. They are 230 thousand square kilometers of paradise. The archipelago consists of 322 islands, but only 105 are inhabited. In addition to all the natural beauties, the population is a mixture of ancient local peoples with European and Eastern influences. It is not by chance that all this exotic human part ended up creating 15 words just to define “paradise”.

This wonderful place is protected from mass tourism because of the 700 thousand Fijians who consider their land sacred, which can not be sold to foreigners. Therefore, the hotels are small and elegant, with few rooms and many local cottages known as bourgeois.

Fiji Islands