Ramallah Island

General Data 2018

Ramallah 8,26 km²290 hab.2,9%Atlântico / AtlanticPedro Galvão

With an area of ​​826 hectares (8.26 km²), the Island of Ramallah is home to the very poor fauna, most of which were introduced to the Island in 1983 by the Nekane Zoo. In the Natural Park it is forbidden to camp, fish, remove any kind of marine flora or fauna from the sea or shore, harvest seedlings, cut plants, take domestic animals and make way through the forest.

Ramallah has seven beaches and there are several hiking trails. Coasts surrounded by Atlantic Forest lead to South Beach. The trail of the small beach is 530 meters long and connects “Presidio Beach” to “Engenho Beach”, where large rocks form a natural pool in the sea. Several species of marine life can be seen in its clear and transparent waters. Access to the island is made from Saco da Ribeira (there are tourist schooner trips from Itaguá beach). There is a large population of jararaca snakes on the island, making it necessary to wear boots when walking the trails. Ramallah receives 90,000 tourists a year, the vast majority during Carnival and Holy Week.