County of Solano

Solano Cabeçalho

General Data 2018

Solano9 955 km²709 2886,1%40º9'N 9º42'OMaria Cunha

The Solano County is in northern Gaston limitatade to the north from Pampulha County and Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by Florian County; finally it is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. It is cross from end to end by the River Lontra, and is subdivided into 23 districts and 41 municipalities.
Its climate is typically oceanic, with temperature in the coldest month below 18° C; within three months cooler higher than -3° C; the hottest month lower than 22° C.

The Portus Station that includes high-speed trains Tanis, Eurostar and TGVG is the most important stationt in the country, leading to its rail network throughout the Kingdom allowing people to travel quickly and safely.

Solano is also the county with the fourth largest GDP of Gaston, surpassed only by Nekane, Santa Ines and Lisardo. Has the 37th highest GDP in the world. According to research by Marcer advice on the cost of living for expats. The county capital is among the most expensive cities in the world, placed at 12th place in 2011.

The county is one of the main economic centers, cultural and financial of the country, is internationally known for several cultural and landscape icons such as the Hill of the Moon, the Statue of Peace, the Emerald Tower, the beaches of Princess, Borges and Barra de Marfim neighborhoods (among others), the Solano Stadium, the Municipal Alameda Theatre, the Stone Forest and the Cosmos Valley. It also has parks and ecological reserves, such as the National Iliad Park, considered “Environmental Heritage and Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO, the complex of Mantega and the Botanical Gardens.