County of Lisardo

General Data 2018

Lisardo11 864 km²828 99410,2%38º45'N 10º34'OKfah Abbas I

Lisardo is the seventh county of Gaston. Its capital, namesake of the county has the sixth largest population in the Kingdom. It is divided into 24 districts and 36 municipalities. The north is bounded by Florian County, to the south by the Nekane, west of Santa Ines and this meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Its climate is temperate maritime. It has four distinct seasons: a relatively hot summer, an autumn with gradually low temperatures, a cold winter and a spring with high temperatures that increase with each passing day.

The county is one of the scientific, economics and governmental centers of Gaston. It has its attention on negotiations, banks, and shipping industries. It is also an important center for maritime industries and maritime treaties in Europe. Its capital is the “home” of many companies focused on the maritime sector, some of them being one of the world’s largest.

The metropolitan area of Lisardo holds 24% of the entire GDP of Gaston, with the highest GDP per capita eighth European. The commerce is the traditional and most important economic activity of the city, although the shipping industry is not behind.

Lisardo also has a very extensive public transportation system. The domestic transportation system is rapid and extensive, covering metro, trolleycars (electrics), trains and buses.

The region is home to major museums and galleries, which are its most important sights. The Hilderberg Museum that contains the “Silence” and other works from Lucas Hilderberg who donated all his work to the city after his death, is the highlight of the county, so that the city council is planning a new museum Hilderberg, which probably will be build in Lagos region.

50 different museums are located around the city. The Museum of Modern Art which is located in southern Lisardo is dedicated to folk art. The outdoor museum contains 153 authentic old buildings from all parts of Gaston, including a wooden church dating from the middle ages.