County of Niceto

Niceto Cabeçalho

General Data 2018

Niceto11 147 km²887 1403,2%41º53'N 9º41'OPaulo Faria

Niceto is the most northern county of Gaston. Its territory is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal and Spain; north and west by the Atlantic Ocean and the south by the Antiqua County. It is divided into seven districts and 19 municipalities.
Its coastline is sandy, with a typical landscape of the lagoon area. The highest point is located in the Sierra of Montenegro with a maximum altitude of 908 m (Pico da Piedade).

It features hot, dry summers, unstable and severe winters with some snowfall. The rains occur in winter. The county capital is a city with the same name.

It is currently the third richest county of Gaston, next of Nekane and Santa Ines. The main means of transport in the county are Niceto Metropolitan and Viapress buses .

The industry is the principal economic activity of Niceto, which is based on the profits of its offer remarkable economic growth. Thanks to appealing time and improving the living conditions of the populations that happened in recent decades, Niceto is the only area of ​​the country, along with the large urban areas of Nekane and Santa Ines, registering a growth of the population.

The county is known worldwide for its wine, its bridges and contemporary and ancient architecture, and one of its football clubs, the Football Club Niceto.

As sights, it stands out the Tower of the Vicars, and the Lima Foundation, a museum of contemporary art. The historic center is a Heritage, classified by UNESCO. The Trinity River Mouth is another highly touristic place, by many considered the most beautiful area of ​​the county, where can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean coupled with a beautiful and romantic promenade. Today, the county receives over one million tourists a year, having become one of the most visited cities in Europe.