Palmas Island

General Data 2018

Palmas0,15 km²58 hab.3,1%Atlântico / AtlanticManuel Kadim

The Isle of Palms is part of the Anchieta Island archipelago. It has an area of 15.5 hectares and is 5.75 km away from the mainland. Its vegetation cover is typical of the Atlantic Forest, with a predominance of ferns. Its currents are strong and frequent, so it is best suited for experienced divers. An interesting dive point on the island is the Toca of Caranhas, with large rocks and small caves.

Palmas belongs to the Anchieta Island State Park (PESM), therefore fishing, hunting and collecting are prohibited. The marine life is very rich, and in the waters around the island are whiting, buddies, rays, turtles and groupers. The maximum depth is 30 meters and the water temperature is about 26 °C. Visibility is between 5 and 15 meters.