County of Florian

General Data 2018

Florián10 207 km²833 0652,8%39º29'N 11º10'OHank Muñoz

Florian is a county of south Gaston region, the only region bordering the territories north of the kingdom. It has 5 districts and 16 municipalities. Its border limitations are: west and east Atlantic Ocean; the northern counties of Solano and Pampulha, the southern counties of Santa Ines and Lisardo.

The climate is oceanic, warm and humid throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 25° C and with average rainfall above 2,000 mm annual.

The county capital with the same name has a diverse range of people, cultures and religions, and more than 100 languages ​​are spoken. The center of Florian headquarters has more than half of the 100 best companies of the country and more than 50 of the top 500 in Europe.

The region has a strong influence on Gaston due its history which began with the passage of the Carthaginians at 80 a. C., housing this several battles known as the Battle of Cardilios, the Battle of the Crusaders, as well as the Revolution of Orchids.

It is also in Florian where live 80% of the gastonese Jews with important Jewish communities in Torres Novas, Barreiro, Soure, Guard and Aljustrel, on the border of Florian with Spain. The community created Florian Forum of Jewish in 2003 in response to the growing importance of disinterest gastonese Government.

Florian is the county where are most of the castles and palaces Gaston. There live some descendants of European monarchy and even some members of the House of Florian, which makes the region the major tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors, having four world heritage sites such as the Florián tower, the local of historic agreement Valencia, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Piedade Cathedral and the place comprising the Gardenia Palace, the Abbey of the Great and the Church of the Virgin Mary. Tourism is a major source of income of the realm.