Royal Cabinet

The Royal Cabinet is the agency responsible for King’s advice both domestically, and external. Its functions and powers are listed in art. 19th of the Constitution. With regard to foreign powers, the formula RC, plays and monitors Gaston relations with other micronations and international organizations, among others. The performance of Real Cabinet covers the political, commercial, economic, financial, cultural and consular of external relations aspects, areas in which performs classical tasks of diplomacy: represent, inform and negotiate. Its current headquarters is Sapere Palace, located in Nekane, a modernist building designed by Sonja Zacary. The maximum post of the organ is the president of the Royal Cabinet, known by the acronym PRC. The person who holds this position is chosen directly by the king and his mandate is for life, accumulating other functions than diplomatic. The PRC is the biggest executor of king’s orders, can in his absence, command the armies, create laws, judge, and generally handle the day-to-day kingdom. It is hierarchically counterpart to the Prime Minister, although performing different functions, they are equal in some spots. The current chairman of the Royal Cabinet is Irina Sopas and was named to the post on May 18, 2005, when the death of Castro Lopes, until then President of the Royal Cabinet. Ilian Kostov, is the Vice President (Minister of Foreign Affairs) of the Royal Cabinet since August 4, 2015.

Sapere Palace.

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