Ministry of Tourism and Social Development

Minister: Victor Correia
Function: formulation, coordination, execution and evaluation of tourism-related policies, in addition to promoting the development of tourism and promoting its application, regulation and supervision of the provision of tourism services, registering companies in the sector such as Travel Agencies and Tourism Operators, Tour Operators, and professionals such as Tourists and Travel Agents. It develops any activities of its competence, which tend to favor and increase investment and tourism flows and foreigners. responsible for the national policies of social development, food and nutritional security, social assistance and citizenship income in the country. He is also the manager of the National Social Assistance Fund (FNAS). The Ministry is also responsible for coordinating, supervising, controlling and evaluating the implementation of income transfer programs. The Ministry has a presence in almost every city in the Kingdom, with connections for the whole community and, at some point, touches the lives of most of the gastoneses.