Ministry of Interior and Territory

Minister: Piedade Sopas
Function: maintaining public order and tranquility; ensure the protection of the freedom and security of persons and their property; prevent and suppress crime; to control the movement of persons at the borders, entry, stay and residence, exit and removal of foreigners from the national territory, within the framework of the immigration management policy, and to assess and decide on the granting of equality and refugee status, as well as citizenship ; control the activities of importing, manufacturing, marketing, licensing, possession and use of weapons, ammunition and explosives, without prejudice to the proper attributions of the Ministry of Defense; regulate, supervise and control private security activity; organize, execute and technically support the census and electoral and referendum processes; to prevent disasters and major accidents and to provide protection and relief to the populations affected; promoting road safety and ensuring traffic control. Formulating, defining, coordinating, implementing and evaluating national policy in the areas of housing and public infrastructure, as well as public works in air, inland, sea and land transport; communications and the concessionaire regime. Local administration, land management and land reclamation.