The exercise of Intermicronationalism is important for the development and growth of the entire micronation. Aiming the strengthening from external and micronational integration relations, the Kingdom of Gaston through the Royal Cabinet created a Diplomatic Policy that establishes certain requirements that must be met for the establishment of relations between micronations with the Kingdom of Gaston.

If you have a micronation or represent one, and want to establish relations with the Kingdom and possible alliance, read the Gaston Diplomatic Policy (GDP). If you agree, please fill out the form that will be sent to the Royal Cabinet, responsible for the Kingdom relations with other micronations and international organizations. It is noteworthy that the agreement with GDP and filling out the form does not automatically guarantee the establishment of diplomatic relations. Your request must also be approved by Royal Cabinet. If you prefer contact by email mfa@reinodegaston.com.


DECREE N° 01 – October 01, 2012

THE PRESIDENT OF THE ROYAL CABINET, in exercise of the powers conferred by article. 3, III, of Law 101,


1. The regulation of diplomatic relations of the Kingdom through the Diplomatic Gaston Policy;
2. This Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Nekane, October 01, 2012.

Jorge Fagundes


To establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Gaston, the micronation:

I – Must have a documented existence of at least 2 months;
II – Don’t have laws of discriminatory, racist or hateful nature;
III – Not be involved in conflicts with another micronation;
IV – Defend peace and peaceful conflict resolution, human rights, equality between micronations, and repudiate terrorism;
V – Unlikely claim a territory already claimed by another micronation.

Published in the Official Diary of the Kingdom of Gaston on 01/10/2012


Formulário & Entrevista / Form & Interview

Nome da micronação / Name of micronation*

Data de fundação / Date of foundation (DD/MM/AAAA-YYYY)*

Reivindica / Claim*

Tipo de governo / Type of government*

Chefe de Estado / Head of State*

População / Population*

Língua oficial / Official Language*

Religião / Religion*

Moeda / Currency*

Órgão responsável pelas Relações Exteriores / Part responsible for Foreign Affairs*

Página oficial / Official website*

E-mail de contato / E-mail Contact*

Rede Social / Social Media

1. A micronação está envolvida em algum conflito micronacional?
The micronation is involved in a micronational conflict?*
Sim / YesNão / No

2. A micronação é submissa a outra micronação?
The micronation is submissive to another micronation?*
Sim / YesNão / No

Se sim, qual? / If yes, which one?*

3. Ocorre algum tipo de discriminação racial, religiosa ou de gêneros na micronação?
Occurs some kind of racial, religious or gender discrimination in micronation?*
Sim / YesNão / No

4. O território que reclama, já foi reivindicado por outra micronação?
The territory that you claim, has already been claimed by another micronation?*
Sim / YesNão / No

Se sim, qual? / If yes, which one?*

5. Por que você quer estabelecer relações diplomáticas com o Reino de Gastón?
Why do you want to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Gaston?*

CONCORDO com a Política Diplomática de Gastón e aceito estabelecer as seguintes relações diplomáticas com o Reino:

a) Tratado de Paz;
b) Tratado Econômico;
c) Abertura de Embaixada e Consulados;
D) Reconhecimento mútuo das micronações como Estados legais e independentes.

I AGREE with the Diplomatic Policy of Gaston and accept establish the following diplomatic relations with the Kingdom:

a) Peace Treaty;
b) Economic Treaty;
C) Opening of Embassy and Consulates;
D) Mutual recognition of micronations as legal and independent States.